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About Utah 4 Wheel Drive Association

In the late 1970’s the Utah 4x4 community began to recognize a disturbing trend in public land access. Radical environmental groups and renegade public land managers were closing trails on public lands across the country. Fearing that the same type of closures could occur in Utah, the active clubs banded together and founded U4WDA in 1978. The goal was to organize and unite the 4x4 community in Utah, and protect access to our public lands.

U4WDA Volunteers Building Fence
U4WDA Volunteers building fences in American Fork Canyon

Over the years, U4WDA has performed service projects for nearly every BLM office and Forest Service District in Utah.  We’ve built fences in Little Sahara, organized countless clean-ups at Five Mile Pass, repaired trails and fences in American Fork Canyon, removed abandoned cars from public land, and even helped the Department of Wildlife Management plant bitter brush for the local deer population.

In addition to our many service projects, U4WDA has been an advocate for 4-wheelers across Utah. In 2001 we were instrumental in passing the new vehicle lift law that simplified the rules for lifted vehicles, and increased the legal lift height for street vehicles.  We’ve also worked hard to keep our members informed about upcoming legislation, Resource Management Plan comment periods, and other issues that affect the 4x4 community in Utah. We continue to partner with and support groups like USA-ALL, RR4W, UFWDA and BRC in their efforts to keep trails open and protect our access to public lands.

Summer Convention 2006
Obstacle course in Richfield at the 2006 Summer Convention

U4WDA holds it's meetings on the last Thursday of every month at 6:30 pm at the Larry H. Miller Chrysler/Jeep Dealership 10905 South Auto Drive Mall in Sandy in the upstairs meeting room. All members are invited. Please feel free to come.

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